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Gallifrey Public Radio - Showrunner For A Day

Post by GallifreyPublicRadio » Tue May 26, 2015 3:50 am

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Ask any Whovian how they would change or what they want to see next in Doctor Who if given the chance, and every last one of us would begin on a list without hesitation. Whovians are passionate about the show and want it to do even more amazing things than it already does. But would K-9 being voiced by Gilbert Gottfried really add to the show’s history? Is a return of the Slitheen really in the best interest of the program?

This week we play showrunner and discuss what we would like added or tweaked, and how that might impact the show either in its history or its future. So prepare to play “wouldn’t it be cool if….” Doctor Who edition.

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