Voices Of Defiance: 33 Season 3 Premiere


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Voices Of Defiance: 33 Season 3 Premiere

Post by stargatepioneer » Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:15 am

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The much anticipated Season 3 Defiance Two Hour Premiere is finally out and we had to get together and try to get our Yah-Yah's out about it. We bid a warm farewell to Christie McCawley and the entire McCawley clan. We dissect the impossible choice Stahma was faced with (and what a terrible sentry she really is). We marvel at the three new main actors - Lee Tergesen, Conrad Coats and Sean's favorite: Nicole Galicia. We wonder about the arcs that simply weren't continued from season 2. We sympathize with Doc Yewll but are very happy to see her frog and her wit return. Can Nolan save the town? How do the Omec learn english? How DO Nolan and Iriisa make it to the surface? We begin wondering just WHO is going to kill General Rahm "The Beast" Tak and just WHAT is is secret weapon (T-shirt canon). Shannon calls the Omec Purple People Eaters.

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This podcast was recorded Sunday June 14th, 2015.

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