I'm Lost. First watch through of the show Lost.

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I'm Lost. First watch through of the show Lost.

Post by TheDoctor80 » Wed Jan 14, 2015 2:36 am

So it's 2014. Lost premiered in 2004. Where the heck was I? Well ok I know where I was. My second daughter was born a year before so I was most likely on dad duty a lot of the nights.

I'm almost done season 2 of it and we'll I'm glad I avoided it the first time. Had I had to wait a week or longer for episodes I wouldn't have been interested. It's got everything I should like in a show but I can't seem to identify with any of the characters. None of them appeal to me. It's a shame since my GF really likes it and we are watching it together on Netflix. But I still watch and hope that I'll like more. But one episode at a time I guess. I'll watch the whole thing and like it but I wouldn't be my favourite show.

Stay frosty.

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