Season 3?

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Season 3?

Post by Scott the Hockey Guy » Tue Sep 20, 2016 1:02 pm I ended up watching Raw live at Jamie's house last night so when I got home I realized Gotham was on my DVR....I was like "oh yeah"....but what the hell, I gave it a shot.....while the show is still a bit off the rails (not sure I like Gordon being a bounty hunter for hire, but it fits the messed up world they created here)....I like how they are sprinkling in the Court of Owls, and people are aligning and things seem to be bat-building.....anyone else still with this show?

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Re: Season 3?

Post by TheDoctor80 » Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:56 pm

I have to start watching Gotham now. Apparently I remind my friends of the Penguin in looks.

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