Crimson Comet #8 The Flash 1x07 Power Outage

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Crimson Comet #8 The Flash 1x07 Power Outage

Post by AwsmEngrGrl » Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:28 am

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This week, we see Flash vs. Blackout and Iris vs. Clock King in "Power Outage".  We start with news about the new Supergirl series, a brief discussion about our favorite Amell, and realize that we will soon be banned in China. We go crazy with theories about Wells, metahumans, and who is and isn’t dead. Finally, we discuss Cisco and Caitlin's character development, Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell's acting, our undying love for Felicity, and the possible introduction of the New Gods in the show. Don't worry, we still found time for poop jokes.

News Links

China bans puns ... dplay-puns

Supergirl might crossover with Flash and Arrow ... e&id=57364

Firestorm's first Flash appearance ... e&id=57336

Morena Baccarin voices Gideon ... /?a=111630

Source Article from ... wer-outage

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