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Crimson Comet #10 The Flash 1x09 The Man in the Yellow Suit

Posted: Thu Dec 18, 2014 8:15 am
by AwsmEngrGrl
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This week we finally see what we’ve all been waiting for: Flash vs. Reverse Flash.  The appearance of the Yellow Streak has led to a lot of mad theorizing about his identity, time travel, and what connection the new show might have to the 1990 Flash (fueled by the announcement that Mark Hamill would be reprising his role as the Trickster). Despite all of the heavy material, there are still a lot of happy moments in this episode including a couple of father/son scenes with Barry’s two dads and lots of pre-Christmas gift-giving.  The puns in this episode get really bad, Yoda stops by the studio, we suggest that Firestorm see a doctor about any burning sensations, and the guys geek out over Joe’s house. This week’s poop jokes are supplemented with pee jokes. Have a festive Flashikaa!

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Crimson Comet #10 The Flash 1x09 The Man in the Yellow Suit

Posted: Tue Jan 13, 2015 2:32 am
by TheDoctor80
Oh the 90's Flash. I have this on my list of shows I need to watch again. Just for the nostalgia of it. I was 10 when this show aired. I was already a Flashatic at this point so this was heaven. Well as close as I could hope at the time. I remember reading StarLog magazine months before the show aired. Reading about the suit. I can see why It didn't work. It took a lot of liberties. I don't think they were as fully interested in pleasing the fans of the comics. They made their own cannon. It was good but well odd. The one thing I did like was the clone Barry had a Blue suit. It's a shame that it was moved around in its schedule so much. I did have them all recorded on VHS and man did I wear those tapes out once they stopped airing it.

Stay frosty.

Re: Crimson Comet #10 The Flash 1x09 The Man in the Yellow S

Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 8:58 pm
by TheDoctor80
Ah the way phones correct things when you try and create words. Flash + fanatic.

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