Joining our Minecraft Realm

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Joining our Minecraft Realm

Post by SharkTaco » Sun Feb 28, 2016 12:13 am

Hello all and welcome to our Minecraft server!

Ours is a relaxed, friendly survival realm for players in their 20s or 30s.

There is a shared common base for everyone to use with ressources and the following commodities:
  • Zombie and Zombie pigmen XP farm
  • Zombie villager curing facility
  • Villager sorting machine for trade
  • Multi-destination train station
  • Automatic crop farms with farmer villagers to replant
  • Automatic brewing machine
  • Fully automatic sugarcane farm
  • Automatic tree sapling collector
  • Adjustable enchanting table
  • Anything else you will add to it!
We also have several ongoing group projects that all Realm members are welcome to contribute to:
  • A dungeon to be played in adventure mode
  • Stables (we have tons of horses nearby)
  • A nether train station to other biomes
  • A guardian farm
If you are a mature adult player and you enjoy cooperating in common builds, reply to this post with the following information and I will happily consider every application!
  • IGN:
  • Age:
  • Time zone and what time will you likely be online:
  • Favourite part of the game:
  • Tell us about yourself:
Here are some pictures!

Public nether portal near spawn with underwater railway:

Shared common base described above:

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