Crimson Comet #5 Justice League 1x12-13 The Brave and the Bo

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Crimson Comet #5 Justice League 1x12-13 The Brave and the Bo

Post by AwsmEngrGrl » Fri Nov 07, 2014 11:00 pm

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There's no new Flash this week, so Haley, Jon, and Wil dig up an episode of Justice League featuring...Gorilla Grodd!  We discuss the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, wonder what the writers and animators were taking, and take the time to marvel at a gorilla that can use a paper clip.

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Re: Crimson Comet #5 Justice League 1x12-13 The Brave and th

Post by Starsaber » Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:39 am

Feel free to use as much or as little of this in the show as you'd like, it's a bit long.

I think Flash wasn't on the show as often because this series was running at the same time as Smallville, so Rosenbaum had schedule conflicts. You just haven't watched the right episode for some of the better Green Lantern constructs. Superman was particularly underpowered in these series, but he ended the series with the epic "World of Cardboard" speech, so it's all good.

And Haley, you're not done when you finish Justice League. It continued as Justice League Unlimited, which was more of a DC Heroes anthology show. The great voice casting continues with about half the cast of Firefly at various points (including Morena Baccarin voicing Black Canary in quite a few episodes).

For other episodes that relate to Flash or his villains, I recommend Secret Society (JL 2x17-18), Task Force X (JLU 1x17, villains, no Flash), I Am Legion (JLU 2x01), Flash and Substance (JLU 2x05) and The Great Brain Robbery (JLU 2x08).

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