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Gallifrey Public Radio - Pop Culture Honors the Doctor

Post by GallifreyPublicRadio » Tue Jun 30, 2015 7:18 pm

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When you love something dearly, you want to surround yourself by it. You immerse yourself in it. You find ways to involve it in aspects of your life where it may otherwise not have a place. If you happen to be a writer, producer, director or actor on a film or television set, or perhaps a game developer or author, you might even go so far as to find subtle (or not so subtle) ways to reference that deep-seated interest in your work. Call them “Easter Eggs”, call them “homages”, call them “shout outs” — a Rose (Tyler) by any other name would smile as sweetly.

This week, we look at just a short sample of the dozens in instances where Doctor Who has been name-dropped, referenced, or explicitly honored by the media. From appearances by Tom Baker on The Simpsons and Futurama, to non-player characters shouting “Allons-y!” in the video game Borderlands 2, to the loving parody known as “Inspector Spacetime” on Community, our Timelord has fans within the industry, and they’re just as devoted as we are.

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