Are teaser trailers still viable?

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Are teaser trailers still viable?

Post by Jay » Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:54 pm

For anyone unaware, the Batman v Superman teaser for SDCC leaked today. You can find it here if you haven't seen it. ... online.htm

Go ahead, I'll wait.

This lead me to question the point of teasers in this day and age. There is nothing new in this teaser, especially not the audio which is just ripped directly from Man of Steel. So why should we be excited? We get far more out of the still shot of sad Batman. Teasers are designed to get excitement built, to get people talking. But do they do that anymore?

Now sure, geeks are a special breed and it's hard to surprise us, but how many non-nerds have at least one geek friend on Facebook? I've seen this teaser posted at least 5 times today, and 3 times by non-geeks. Information gets out much quicker than the teasers now.

Teasers made more sense before, but now it's just like "that's it? We waited all this time and that's all you give us?" It's no longer an announcement of awesome things coming. It's a stop gap until we can get set photos and such.

So, do you feel like there is still a place for teasers in the information age, or is this a holdover proving once again that Hollywood doesn't know how to move on from a set formula?

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Re: Are teaser trailers still viable?

Post by Stephen » Sun Jul 13, 2014 3:26 am

I agree that they used to mean a lot more than they do now. I often find myself in the category of disappointment when teasers come out, and I fully admit that.

Now with that said, I think there is still a place for them. Teasers have always been for marketing and whether or not we are talking good things we are still talking. To be honest your post kind of proves they work :D So for that reason I can still see why they do them..

Personally though, I'm fine without them if it meant waiting a bit longer meant a more bad ass introduction to the product.

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