Comic Book Legends, September 2014 edition - NYCC


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Comic Book Legends, September 2014 edition - NYCC

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Comic Book Legends, September 2014 edition.

The Operator and Wing dive into the world of DC, Marvel, Indy comics and more.

This month we are happy to report that a comic-con is reporting on comics! Crazy stuff is happening at NYCC and we talk about it.

Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert these discussion will be spoiler fill and will use an explicit language so consider yourself warn.

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Op - A thank you and a welcome - ... -comic-bug


Guardians of the Galaxy anime coming to Disney XD

Netflix Daredevil Concept art ... e&id=56226

The costume ... 1413066469
 Scott Glenn to play Stick in Daredevil ... e&id=55540
 Dawson to play Claire Temple in Daredevil ... e&id=56231
 Dominic Cooper returns as Howard Stark in Agent Carter ... ent_carter
 As long as he is snarky… ... _character
 I’m still gonna see it, but....the Powers photo ... 5A7QwAZADA
 More casting ... e&id=55706

Powers trailer
 Hickman's secret wars

Star Wars Kanan comic ... /?a=109086
 Fantastic Four may really be going away ... e&id=56237
 So Wolverine is dead…. ... hats-next/
Spider Gwen gets her own title ... e&id=56186
 Throne of Atlantis trailer ... f-atlantis
 Nightwing web series ... eathstroke
 DC news from NYCC ... e&id=56211
 Please let Reed go crazy...Please let Reed go crazy...Please let Reed go crazy ... led/29653/
Vision will look like Vision in Age of Ultron ... -promo-art
 The Goon returns! ... e&id=56225
 Archies gonna die again ... e&id=56222
 Millenium is comics ... e&id=56162
 Sandman character Lucifer may get his own series ... ox-834452/

Superman Doomed may reveal something else ... e&id=55745
 Milo Manaras covers cancelled (Update: postponed) ... e&id=55731 ... or-marvel/

Kirby estate and Marvel settle suit ... ng-841711/
 Wait….what? ... yone-else/

Source Article from ... ition-nycc

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