Comic Book Legends, October 2014 edition -DC & Marvel Mo


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Comic Book Legends, October 2014 edition -DC & Marvel Mo

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Comic Book Legends, October 2014 edition.

The Operator and Wing dive into the world of DC, Marvel, Indy comics and more.

This month Beef join us as we talk about DC and Marvel showdown of movies and the Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United DVD release.

Spoiler Alert Spoiler Alert these discussion will be spoiler fill and will use an explicit language so consider yourself warn.
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Marvel just told WB/DC “...on your left” ... el-864131/

What is up Fieges chair???

And Black Panther will be in a five films ... es-864294/

Extra footage for AoU seen on AoS think these two may end up arguing a lot more

Infinity War trailer

And this doesn’t include Star Wars, the Potter spinoffs, Hobitt or anything else ... ormat=750w

Fox has their Gambit ... e&id=56773

Star Wars Issue #1 by Alex Ross (one of over 12 variants) ... ss-marvel/

Next summer at Marvel is going to be interesting ... e&id=56623 ... e&id=56721 ... e&id=56747

Polar getting a movie ... se-857653/

Gamora gets her own book ... &oid=56243...aaaand so does Squirrel Girl

Dark Horse to do Chuck Palahnuicks Fight Club 2 ... ght-club-2

Live action “Riverdale” ... ox-858971/

Op Rant -
Should comic book movies be Oscar contenders? ... ies-861019

Source Article from ... vel-movies

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