Black Lightning!

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Black Lightning!

Post by Scott the Hockey Guy » Thu Jan 18, 2018 2:09 pm

Gotta say I was thoroughly impressed with this show.....loved the take of not doing the origin and already had him as a thing and coming back from retirement (and they way they casually glossed over "yeah there's other heroes there too" in the backdrop, I'd love to see him on Kara's Earth but the tone and theme of this show doesn't seem to fit with the other shows) felt like a better version of Luke Cage (obvious comparison is obvious).... everything seemed right and on and well done here....I just really had one gripe with the show....the cops....I get they want to point out the racial obviousness and all, but did EVERY cop have to be white and blatantly out to get the black guys like they were??? I'd have rather pushed the conflict and had the younger partner try to reign in his partner (show us some hope in the PD and it contrasts the divide better), I would have liked some grey in my "black and white" that's all....but that might be coming soon....that aside AWESOME start!!!!!

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