my Stabley Cap experience!

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my Stabley Cap experience!

Post by Scott the Hockey Guy » Mon Sep 05, 2016 6:46 pm

There's a local guy in Jersey who a few years ago started a parody NHL site he called "the Stabley Cap" (it's mostly aimed at how the local teams all hate each other and names and commentary and so on, it's a pretty popular Facebook group too)

....long story short the guy who runs the site decides... "hey I want to host an ice hockey event that would be worthy of the Stabley Cap!"....and he did on Sunday night.....and I played in it.....and we won pretty handily (not because of me mind you :p ) .....but still in all, it was your usual beer league level hockey stuff....but with some twists.... A semi-staged line brawl that you can see around minute 48 in the video where I took one of my best friends to "Headlock City" literally dragging her across the rink and using the boards as a turnbuckle (when the "fight" starts just look for the white 22 jersey and follow me and be entertained) our goalie getting a penalty shot in the finals can skip the middle game was boring :p ..... but if you want to enjoy the all means:

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