Suicide Squad.....

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Suicide Squad.....

Post by Scott the Hockey Guy » Sat Aug 13, 2016 6:48 pm

I had to wait a week on this one since I was in Indianapolis for Gen Con last was a bit disappointing, but I'll get to that here.....

The Good:
-- the cast was awesomely fun and well-chose (though I could have lived without Will Smith in this movie).... Harley was fabuolous.... Croc was cool, Katana ws badass..... Waller was human ice-water...all around good stuff
-- the origins and cameos....they gave you five minutes on who these guys were and why they were in jail...more would have been nice, but like Bats and Supes, they tried to pack toooo much into this

The Bad:
-- the villian choice....not only a "who cares" kinda villian, but where was the "we need bad people to do bad things for the greater good"...this was a job for Flash, Batman and Wonder Woman more than anti-heroes
-- the plot.....i'm kinda not sure there was one :p

The disappointing:
-- there was a LOT less Joker than advertised in the trailers and TV spots, but he was well used when he was there

All in all it was a decent movie, with a bunch of holes and a bunch of fun....but I was hoping for better though it did fit nicely in the DC movie plan for right now.....

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