Doctor Who S8 ep4

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Doctor Who S8 ep4

Post by WingGG » Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:58 pm

I have discuss this with Jay and it seems it's a trend. Gattis seems to know is old Who a bit too much and the last episode was playing well for reference but as it's own entity it seemed rush.
His Gattis trying to be too clever for the show?

What did you guys think of that last one?

What are your expectation for ep4?

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Re: Doctor Who S8 ep4

Post by Scott the Hockey Guy » Tue Sep 09, 2014 11:37 pm

I know me and Jamie enjoyed the HELL out of the last episode (we seem to be in the minority)

we compared it very much to Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (which was our favorite Matt Smith episode).....I'd have been happier if it was a standalone and the robots didn't seem to tie into a group of the stuck in time space robots from the pilot

the upgrade in Clara's role and character this season has saved her from being my least favorite companion, and I hope she sticks around a bit longer....
and I also love this crabbier, moodier Doctor.....he was the perfect choice post Matt Smith, it's like the analogy in sports of when you fire a player friendly coach you have to go the other way and bring in the take no crap hardass coach to replace him....the Doctor needed that....he's a mix of Eccelston and Hartnell so far for me, with references to others in-between

I expect to have the living hell creeped out of me on Sat night

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