Doctor Who: Series 8 Expectations

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Re: Doctor Who: Series 8 Expectations

Post by Scott the Hockey Guy » Mon Sep 01, 2014 3:41 pm

Stephen wrote:What are everyone's recommendations for me to jump on? Where should I start?
Like they said above....start with Eccleston (probably my favorite Doctor still....sooo underrated)....I'll admit it, when I saw the first few episodes I was...WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?? But I rode it out and once episode 3 or 4 hit (the one where the spaceship crashed into Big Ben)....I started to get it and was hooked ever since
Stephen wrote:... So what did people think?
We enjoyed it....the "regeneration episode" is usually a throw away one as the Doctor is getting used to himself, and everyone is getting used to him....this process looks like its stretching out since it still felt like he didn't know who he was in the second episode either (perhaps a side effect of so many regenerations?)....Capaldi is BRILLIANT no doubt.....I'm just iffy on what he's been given to work with so far...but loved the idea of a Good Dalek though

we're also still very much trying to get used to the idea of waiting a week between shows and not hitting NEXT on Netflix though.....

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