Crimson Comet #15 The Flash 1x12 Crazy for You

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Crimson Comet #15 The Flash 1x12 Crazy for You

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GRODD!!! This week, we try to figure out exactly how many men in yellow suits are running around Central City, discuss the prison conditions down in the Pipeline, and wonder if Heroes: Reborn is gonna be any good. GRODD!!! We dig into the episode by comparing the tv and comic incarnations of Peek-a-Boo, wonder if anyone that works on the show has ever been to a real dive bar, marvel at Caitlin’s fantastic karaoke, and discuss Barry’s love life. GRODD!!! We then speculate on what events would have to occur for the Pied Piper to end up with Captain Singh, how Peek-a-Boo’s boyfriend managed to escape, and how the Rogues might continue to develop through the rest of the season. GRODD!!! You might want to finish eating before the end of this week’s podcast. GRODD!!!

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