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Crimson Comet #17 The Flash 1x14 Fallout

Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2015 8:12 am
by AwsmEngrGrl
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GRODD!!! This week, we speculate about General Eiling’s fate, time travel, and the man in the yellow suit. When we realize that Dr. Stein (who we only refer to as Victor Garber for the entire episode) is ordering a Hawaiian pizza, we become a cast divided. We wonder where Sherry is while Joe and Barry have another episode of CSI: Central City in her house. Lobster and Haley go hardcore nerd over the Dothraki quote that was dropped this episode, while Wil lingers on the Friends reference. Wil doesn’t really spoil Downton Abbey, and Haley returns the favor by not really spoiling Arrow. We begin to wonder about Eiling’s 50 Shades of Grodd fan fic before we are interrupted by the musical interlude.

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