Crimson Comet #19 The Flash 1x15 Out of Time

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Crimson Comet #19 The Flash 1x15 Out of Time

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This week, we start off by discussing Geekation, the sizzle reel from Paleyfest, and the new Flash/Arrow spinoff series potentially featuring Captain Cold, Heatwave, the Canary, Firestorm, and Atom. Then we move on to highlights from the Flash Paleyfest panel, which include the potential of other Flashes in the series such as Bart Allen and Wally West, Grant Gustin's resemblance to Rachel Maddow, the role that Gunther fills at Star Labs, the most important men in Iris's life, and Detective Pretty Boy's accent. Then we move into this week's episode, starting with Spartacus. We also discuss Cisco's sonic screwdriver, I mean Wizard's Wand, the awkward way that Barry and Iris behave on an impromptu double date, and the subtle way that Caitlin spies on Dr. Wells. Time travel comes up several times, with details about the butterfly effect, time travel mechanics, Doctor Who, Terminator, and Back to the Future.

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