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Crimson Comet #24 The Flash 1x20 The Trap

Posted: Tue May 19, 2015 8:38 pm
by AwsmEngrGrl
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George is back! We talk about the upcoming Geekation, but through the wibbly wobbly nature of podcast production, that event has already passed. Overwhelmed by his duties, Cisco deputizes Atom to aid in naming the supervillains/heroes. We find out that Flash is a founding member of... something. We wonder how the group can be so cavalier with Cisco's safety before remember that it's all about the Allens. We appreciate Cisco's movie references (Inception, Dreamscape, Back to the Future, and Temple of Doom). This guy really is one of us. After a lot of discussion, the everyone winds up on Team Eddie. We talk again about how Iris is Lois Lane stupid before moving on to another DC geography lesson. Wil and Haley also take a minute to explain Star Labs security to George.

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