Crimson Comet #26 The Flash 1x22 Rogue Air

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Crimson Comet #26 The Flash 1x22 Rogue Air

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Wil and Haley report live (sort of) from Chicago while on Geekation! They are joined by a sleeping Wing while Jon skypes in and is forced to take the lead on much of the conversation to to Haley’s and Wil’s hangovers. Much is discussed on the penultimate episode of the the Flash. This episode is full of team ups including The Rogues, the Amells, and Iris finally figuring out who Barry is. Our team discusses the dietary needs of the those in the pipeline, Eddie’s hygiene, and go off topic to discuss the final episode of Arrow and how it fits into The Flash and visa versa. Oh yeah, and Wing wakes up at the very end.

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