Crimson Comet #30 The Flash (1990) 1x03 Honor Among Thieves

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Crimson Comet #30 The Flash (1990) 1x03 Honor Among Thieves

Post by AwsmEngrGrl » Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:33 am

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It’s time for two more episodes of the fantastic 1990s Flash! We start with “Honor Among Thieves” and discuss the stringent border crossing into Central City, when this show is taking place, a not quite magic mask, and Flash destroying a museum to prevent the theft of a single artifact. Wil, our representative of all hispanics for our “Double Vision” discussion, explains where this episode may have fallen short portraying the nuances of different hispanic culture. Will we survive the summer?

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Re: Crimson Comet #30 The Flash (1990) 1x03 Honor Among Thie

Post by TheDoctor80 » Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:21 pm

Omg why? WHY is this so bad? I totally forgot these first few episodes after the pilot. I can't believe I actually liked this as a kid. Maybe it was the biased love of the Flash or being too naive to see the huge gaping problems with this show. As a Canadian it's my job to apologize for you having to watch this show. Hopefully some of the issues become better and it doesn't suck so much. Looking back it only came out to capture on the popularity of Batman the movie. So in all honesty just ignore what you can from the shows.

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