Crimson Comet #37 The Flash 2x02 Flash of Two Worlds

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Crimson Comet #37 The Flash 2x02 Flash of Two Worlds

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Join us as we celebrate being name checked by CW’s The Flash! We spend some time discussing how callously Barry is killing villains this season and what the War of the Americas might be. We also bring up body image issues in Hollywood, old timey texting, the Walking Dead, and shock the world when we find out that Haley has seen a movie that Wil hasn’t.News Links

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Dead is dead in Legends of Tomorrow ... eans-death

Meet Colonel Cold

io9 Review of 2.02 better than that of 2.01 ... socialflow

Mark Hamill will return as The Trickster ... ash-seaso/

Flash NYCC Trailer

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