Crimson Comet #41 The Flash 2x06 Enter Zoom

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Crimson Comet #41 The Flash 2x06 Enter Zoom

Post by AwsmEngrGrl » Sun Nov 22, 2015 1:47 am

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This week, Haley is off tripping the light Gallifreyan with those other guys from GPR as they attend LI WHO. But in her place, Lobster and Rum Daddy (BPG) are joined by the ever entertaining “Just George.” The boys drink whiskey and carry on about this week’s episode. We find out George is not a fan of Patty or keeping Harry at home. Lobster finds “vibing” creepy, but finds a new “ship” in an unexpected pairing. Wil finds fault in superhero latex cowls, Tom Cavanagh still has no comb and opens up a little bit too much about leg sensations. The boys pontificate on Zoom’s true identity and everyone’s roles in the multiverse and the 1990’s Flash, Cisco’s coming out party, and how Melrose Place is connected to it all. Stay tuned for the outtakes to hear Lobster revisit the Baked Potato Guy.

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Re: Crimson Comet #41 The Flash 2x06 Enter Zoom

Post by TheDoctor80 » Tue Nov 24, 2015 6:55 pm

This just goes to prove the Flash is the new standard that all the other shows need to adopt. Who (aside from me) would ever believe that The Flash would work on TV so well. I grew up with the 90s Flash and I knew the Flash always had potential. This version does it so right.

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